Costa Rica San Juanillo

Costa Rica San Juanillo

The Bansbach Family

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Cherry, lemon and toasted almond notes, with a silky body, tart, orange acidity and fruity-red aftertaste.

Country Costa Rica Costa Rica flag
Region West Valley, San Juanillo de Naranjo
Producer The Bansbach Family
Roast Recommendation Medium to Dark
Growing Altitude 1600 meters
Variety Caturra
Flavor Cherry, lemon, toasted almond
Body Smooth, silky
Acidity Tart orange zest
Aroma Citrus and red fruit
Milling Process Washed
Score 86.75



The Bansbach family has been in coffee in Costa Rica for three generations. In 2007, they purchased a coffee estate that was in an almost abandoned condition, but that at 60 hectares was larger than the average coffee farm. Through an organized renovation program, they turned it into an exemplary plot. This year, their hard work, and focus on outstanding quality, achieved beautiful results and points to a very promising future. 

Why the name? El Cuminate is a catfish variety in Costa Rica. At the moment of the purchase, the Bansbachs had some business in the fish industry and decided to extend the name to their newest coffee venture.


Costa Rica borders Nicaragua on its northern border and Panama to the south. It’s a country that prides itself on its quality of life. Farm workers—including migrants who come for the harvest—are guaranteed a minimum wage and have access to the national healthcare system.

The West Valley is one of Costa Rica’s most dynamic and multifaceted regions in the production of high-quality coffees, thanks in part to its numerous microclimates. Further, modern agricultural practices are a constant, and government regulations ensure production of only the highest-quality coffees.