Honduras Guama Danta Reserve - 2oz. sample size

Sweet cherries, candied limes and warm spice notes complement a full, creamy body and bright acidity.

Country Honduras
Region Comayagua
Producer Various small farmers. (87 farms contributed to this community lot, most farms are between 2-3 hectares.)
Roast Recommendation Medium to Dark
Growing Altitude 1,500-1,700 meters
Variety Lempiras, Caturra, Catuai, IHCAFE 90, Catimor
Flavors Cherry, candied limes, baking spice
Body Full and silky
Acidity Bright
Aroma Cherry and cloves
Milling Process Washed
Score 85.25



This coffee is great for the winter. Sweet notes cherries and baking spice truly remind one of a crackling fire and cold weather.


Guama Danta is surrounded by hills and pine forests, high in the mountains with red, clay soil. This region has the highest productivity of all 15 coffee producing departments of Honduras. It is a longtime farming community, with farms in almost every possible micro climate, making for nuanced, complex cups.

This diverse coffee region is located primarily in Comayagu a, a forested area high in mountains that are known for being the most productive coffee-growing department in Honduras. Here, red clay soils provide nourishment and porosity for optimal plant growth, coffee production is a multi-generation tradition, and farmers grow coffee in nearly every possible micro-climate. The result: unbelievably complex coffees.

Guama Danta is surrounded by sweetgum forest and a sheltering mountain range. Together, they form a climate bubble that is ideal for growing shade-protected, high-quality coffee.

A true community effort, Guama Danta Reserve is produced by 87 smallholder farmers.

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