Kenya Yara Microlot

Bright with pink grapefruit, jasmine, lemonade, starfruit, a little tannic and clean on the finish.

Country Kenya
Region Kiambu County (on the southern slopes of the Aberdare range)
Producer Yara Estate - owned by Gatatha Farmers Company Limited
Roast Recommendation Medium to Dark
Growing Altitude 1,630 meters
Variety Traditional SL 28 and SL 34, and some Ruiru 11
Flavor Tea, pink grapefruit, jasmine, lemonade, starfruit
Body Silky
Acidity Bright
Aroma Citrus and tea
Milling Process Washed
Cupping Score 86



You will love this memorable, tea-like, Kenya Yara AB which has a deliciously bright taste with a balanced and a silky body. We roast the beans to highlight the rich notes of pink grapefruit, jasmine, lemonade, and starfruit. Smelling the ground coffee, you’re hit with a smell of tropical fruit, tea and a carmely sweetness, with some floral hints.

This coffee really stood out on a table of Kenyans, and was much more reminiscent of an Ethiopian coffee – floral, tea-like, with bright acidity but incredibly balanced.


Yara Estate, in Kiambu County on the slopes of the Aberdare range, is owned by Gatatha Farmers Company Ltd. Surrounded by other large estates, Yara grows tea in addition to the 174 hectares it reserves for coffee. This late crop coffee was grown in red volcanic soils rich in organic matter at 1,630 meters above sea level.

Category: New Coffees

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