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The Nicaragua Matagalpa is amazing! In my opinion, it is a high end coffee and is under priced for the quality. I am a giver and I do not want to share this. Buy a bag now.


LOVES IT. I’ve tried both the Nicaragua Matagalpa & Excelso Columbia Huila & they are spectacular! My personal favorite is the Excelso - smooth with a bold, fruity flavor that virtually eliminates the need to add sweetener, if you’re into that.


This coffee has a unique taste, different than any large name brand I've tried. Very flavorful and plenty of body, but not at all bitter.


My husband likes a strong flavored coffee, so we decided to give this a try. It does has a strong flavor yet it isn't at all bitter, which I loved. We both very much enjoyed it.


I have been enjoying “specialty” for years and am always seeking unique alternatives to the commercial blew my taste senses away! If you are looking for a superior specialty coffee product & company to support, I would highly recommend 21 Queen Street!


I was very pleased with my 21 Queen Street experience. My wife and I both commented that the taste and fragrance of the coffee was excellent! Further, the staff was knowledgeable and helpful, especially given my non-connoisseur status. Thanks, 21 Queen Street!


Tried the Nicaragua blend... loved it!!!


I ordered the Nicaragua Matagalpa, and I can't stop drinking it!!


BEST coffee I've had!! GREAT customer service!! I love the packaging too...


21 Queen Street Coffee is

Artisan roasted daily.

21 Queen Street Coffee is

Carefully hand packed.

21 Queen Street Coffee is

Delivered to your door.

21 Queen Street Coffee is

Zero bullsh*t.

Fresh Roasted Coffee
Hand Roasted. Always small batch. Delivered directly to your door.

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