Guatemala La Morena

Sweet fruits and lingering chocolate notes create a naturally sweet, medium-bodied coffee that has quickly become one of our all time favorites.

Country Guatemala
Region Huehuetenango
Producer 23 Female Farmers
Roast Recommendations Light to Dark
Growing Altitude 1,200-1,600 meters
Variety Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Flavors Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Plum
Body Heavy
Acidity Mild
Aroma Baked plums
Milling Process Fully washed, naturally fermented and sundried
Score 85



This coffee is a delicious mouthful. Produced by a team of all female farmers this coffee has a fruity sweetness that is rich and lingering. Bonus...for those who need a low acid coffee, this is definitely a coffee for you! 


This year's La Morena microlot was produced by twenty three female farmers from Huehuetenango (names are listed below). We support the Volcafe Way program - a farm support program - which has been instrumental in helping these producers deliver this high quality coffee. Since the ladies started working with the Volcafe Way program, they have increased the quality of their coffee, increased their yields, and, as a consequence, started earning more money. By teaching these producers best practices, their farms are turning out excellent coffee and becoming viable women owned businesses.


In Guatemala, gender equality remains a challenge, and coffee has long been a male-dominated industry. These factors have made it incredibly difficult for women to compete and thrive in the coffee world. That's why we are thrilled to offer La Morena as a platform to showcase the work of women farmers across Guatemala.

Below are the list of women who are growers for this coffee:

Floridalma Perez Lopez, Finca Ambrocio
Guillermina Villatoro Monzon, Finca Los Alisos
Adilia Carmela Martinez Mendoza, Finca Zacnicte
Dalia Carlota Villatoro Herrera, Finca Los Pinos
Imelda Castillo Villatoro, Finca El Zacatonal
Ana Francisca Villatoro Villatoro, Finca La Rosa
Gloria Magnolia Sales Gabriel De Jerónimo, Finca Magnolia
Blanca Elena Villatoro San Jose De Lopez, Finca Peniel
Dora Marina Vásquez Ambrosio, Finca Tuj Xboch
Ermita Esteban Díaz, Finca Toj Xmayel
Maria Lucinda Lopez Domingo, Finca Maria
Dora Marina Vásquez Ambrosio, Finca El Edén Ii
Yuris Yojana Villatoro Herrera, Finca El Rio
Norma Elizabeth Hernández López, Finca Ojo De Agua
Maria Santos Reynoso Chun, Finca El Recuerdo
Oralia López Villatoro, Finca Buenos Aires
Floridalma Carrillo Cifuentes, Finca El Matazano
Sara Elizabeth Lopez, Finca El Crucero
Maria Teresa Alvarado Villatoro, Finca Txoxel Melaj
Maria Carmelina Ramos Garcia, Finca El Campo
Flora Ramos Garcia, Finca El Campo
Julieta Aleida Herrera Laparra, Finca Julieta
Mariela Villatoro San José, Finca Las Orquideas

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