Nicaragua Matagalpa - 2oz Sample Size

Not ready to commit to a 12oz. bag of coffee without first knowing how incredible our specialty coffee tastes?  We understand that! This why we are giving you the chance to try our coffee in a 2 ounce sample pack. Depending on how strong you like your coffee this could give you 4-6 cups per sample pack.

A deliciously smooth coffee with notes of chocolate, cherry and red apple.  From the first time the bag is opened, the smell of the beans makes your mouth water. Once brewed, the coffee is incredibly smooth to drink. It has a very clean feeling on the tongue with a dessert-like finish. This coffee is naturally well balanced in flavor, body, acidity and sweetness.

Whether you drink your coffee black or with cream and sugar, this coffee tastes absolutely heavenly!  It makes an enjoyable treat for your daily cup or for sharing with friends and family.


Country Nicaragua
Region Matagalpa - La Dalia – Pena Blancas
Growing Altitude 1700 meters
Variety 100% Arabica Cattura & Arabica Catimor
Milling Process Washed
Cupping Notes Chocolate, red apple, cherry.
Excellent sweetness, fruit flavor, full body, medium sourness.


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