Nicaragua 100% Pure Arabica Specialty High Grown (SHG) EP Green Coffee Beans

This 100% pure Arabica Specialty High Grown (SHG) coffee is grown under tall shade canopies at over 3600 ft. in the Matagalpa Mountains of Nicaragua. This coffee is grown in some of the highest mountains in Matagalpa, north of the White Cliffs of Penas Blancas, near La Dalia. This area is known as the gold zone for growing coffee.

Our coffee is 100% Arabica, the majority is the Arabica Caturra variety, the rest is composed of Arabica Catimor. The Catimor variety is a cross between Timor and Caturra.

Quality Control

Quality control starts with coffee trees that have been meticulously cared for over several generations. The beans are hand picked selecting only the highest quality and largest beans from the beginning. The beans are all dry processed on large patios, naturally by the sun. They are turned every few hours to ensure plenty of air circulation leading to even drying and prevention of any mold or bacterial growth. After drying, the final membrane is removed, and the dried beans are then sized by machine, to ensure that consistency, and packaged into bags.

Country Nicaragua
Region Matagalpa - La Dalia – Pena Blancas
Growing Altitude 1100 – 1400 meters
Variety 100% Arabica – Cattura & Catimor
Producer Zeledon Family Farms
Milling Process Washed
Cupping Notes Chocolate, red apple, cherry.
Excellent sweetness, fruit flavor, full body, medium sourness.
Color Uniform


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